Palma de Mallorca, March 13th 2013. Lipopharma's CEO, Vicenç Tur, presented yesterday the innovative R&D program in oncology with 2OHOA at the Bio-Europe Spring 2013 event in Barcelona.

2OHOA is a new class of lipid regulator, multi-target anticancer drug for tumors with sphingomyelin metabolism alterations. It activates sphingomyelin synthase (SMS), a new and powerful potential anticancer drug target, which results in a specific regulation of the cancer membrane lipids, mainly increasing the levels of sphingomyelin (SM) and reducing the levels of phosphatidylethanoamine (PE).

The levels of these lipid species are significantly altered in most cancer cells and the activation of SMS "normalizes" the membrane lipid composition and structure of cancer cells. This has a critical impact in important signalling processes that end up in the “normalization” of the MAPK activity (which in turn regulates also related PI3k/Akt and cyclin/CDK pathways), inducing stop of cell proliferation and selective death of cancer cells by autophagy (in glioma). Administered orally, this compound has shown extremely compelling results in several animal models of glioma, lung or pancreatic cancer, while no apparent signs of toxicity have been observed at therapeutics doses.

Lipopharma has obtained the Orphan Drug designation by EMA for the treatment of glioma as is now setting up the logistics of the first clinical study in cancer patients (MIN-001-1203) in order to start enrolling patients shortly (CTA authorization has already been obtained from the MHRA (UK) as well as from Ethics Committee in Spain).

Bio-Europe Spring is the second most important bio-partnering event held in Europe, bringing together more that 2000 top executives from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, leading specialized investors and scientific thought leaders from all around the world.

Lipopharma attended this year's edition of Bio-Europe Spring in Barcelona with the objective of pursuing ongoing contacts with key industry players, as well as to explore new additional collaborations with potential industrial partners and investors that would facilitate the development of its innovative MLT-based R&D programs.

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