Lipopharma is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, rational design and development of a new generation of medicines that act through the innovative therapeutic strategy known as “Membrane-Lipid Therapy” (MLT). Lipopharma arose in 2006 as an academic spin-off to commercially develop new scientific know-how and applications generated by leading scientists at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) in Mallorca, Spain, headed by Prof. Pablo V. Escriba.



Lipopharma aims to develop next-generation medicines, nutraceutical and cosmetic products based on the novel Membrane-Lipid Therapy (MLT) strategy, which targets membrane lipids and/or the structures they form, rather than directly targeting specific cellular proteins. MLT-based drugs specifically interact with and modulate the activity of key signal-transduction peripheral proteins involved in the pathogeny of serious diseases like cancer, CNS, inflammatory or metabolic diseases.



Innovative MLT-based drugs will soon become reference treatments worldwide for serious diseases with important medical needs unmet, such as glioblastoma and other aggressive cancer malignancies, as well as neuro-degenerative, metabolic, cardiovascular or inflammatory diseases. These  novel drugs will provide a safe and efficacious therapeutic alternative that will bring dramatic improvements in the clinical outcome and in the quality of life for an important number of patients with these pathologies.


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