Membrane-Lipid Therapy (MLT) is an innovative scientific platform based on an expanding area of knowledge in today’s cell biology. The most commonly used rational approach in drug design involves isolating a protein to elucidate its structure and then the design of molecules (chemicals, antibodies…) that regulate its activity. In this approach the molecules designed to interact and inhibit the activity of such membrane-associated signal transduction proliferative proteins targets are synthetic fatty acids.

This novel therapeutic approach constitutes a "disruptive innovation" that can lead to the development of transformative new medicines with an exceptional safety/efficacy combination in serious pathologies with critical medical needs unmet, such as Oncology, Neurodegenerative or metabolic diseases.

The potential translation of significant clinical benefit to patients of MLT-based products is being evaluated in different studies, such as MIN-001-1203, the first clinical trial with 2-OHOA in patients with advanced solid tumours, including malignant glioma, which has already been completed with very promising results.


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